About Me

My name is Henry Lawrence. It was my interest in photography that steered me to make this blog.


I aspire to one day work as a film editor. As it is film I am interested in, I have come across all sorts of people on social networking sites. One particularly good example is Terje Sorgjerd (Tso Photography), a Norwegian photographer who takes amazing photos and shares it with his followers on Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. Sorgjerd is also well known for his time lapse photography, which I have attempted myself.

More recently I have been listening to podcasts on ‘Making Film’ where the host interviews photographers and asks about what their job is, and what equipment they use, and their day to day routine. In one podcast I was listening to, Brannon Shiflett is being interviewed about his 30 day trip, in which he would travel on a motorcycle, taking pictures during the day, and that evening, process all his images taken throughout the day, sleep, and repeat. I’d love to do that myself, it sounds so  exciting!

Do feel free to share and or use any of my photos as timeline photos of your facebook page or anything similar. Everything is Creative Commons noncommercial, able for use for anything personal – just link back and give credit.

Thankyou for visiting my blog 🙂

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